How to select the right bed size for your dog

Did you know that the average adult dog sleeps for 12-14 hours per day? And puppies sleep for around 18 hours. Obviously there are certain factors that this will depend on, like: the breed of dog, environment and even the sex of the dog. 

To put this into perspective:

  • Around 50% of a dog’s day is spent sleeping 
  • Around 30% is spent resting
  • Around 20% is active time

With this in mind, on average your dog will spend around 80% of his/her day in bed!! It really is a dog’s life isn’t it? 

Is Your Pet a Star?

This month Lakes Pet are launching their new competition.

We want to see pictures of your Pampered Pets, cute ones, funny ones, anything that makes us and everyone else smile.

So what will your Pampered Pet win?

How to Choose The Perfect Pet Bed

Your dog sleeps much more than you do; so choosing the perfect bed is really important. 

Your pampered pooch may not be able to tell you want they want, but they will certainly let you know if they’re not happy with your choice. They may even take your cosy spot on the sofa or snuggle up next to you in bed if they’re not comfy in theirs!

So how do you pick the perfect bed?

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